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Monster is changing the way recruiters hire with our new app – Monster Studios.

It's the video app that gives you the power to quickly record, edit, and publish videos to Monster Job Ads.

Why video?

Make jobs come to life: In a market where candidates have lots of options, a video gets more attention than a written job description.

Build trust with candidates: A living job ad shows the human side of a job and a company, helping you gain credibility through transparency.

Create authenticity in the job process: Videos highlight the reasons candidates should work for you, in a hiring manager or recruiter's own words.

Reduce time to hire: Giving a clear, real picture of the role, company, and culture, encourages the best-fit candidates to apply and shortens the hiring process.

It's easy to do: Post videos to Monster job ads in three simple steps, with tools like script templates and branding elements. It's fast and simple!

It's cost efficient: No video crews, cameras, or big production budgets needed.

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